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Icom IC-F43GS 86 BUNDLE - TAN, 4 Watt, 256, List Price $2960.00
Icom IC-F43GS 86 BUNDLE - TAN, 4 Watt, 256, List Price $2960.00 Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $2,072.00
Shipping Weight: 10.00 pounds
Icom IC-F43GS 86 BUNDLE - TAN, Handheld 380-430 MHz (Also avaliable in BLACK and GREEN), 4 Watt, 256 Channel (Dynamic Bank Configuration with 16 Position Rotary Channel/Bank Selector), 25/12.5 kHz Wide/Narrow Channel Spacing, DES Transcrypt encryption board, Scan, Dual Priority, MIL-STD 810 C, D, E, F, CTCSS/DTCS Encode & Decode, 2-Tone Encode/Decode (Up to 10 2-Tone Combinations), 5-Tone Encode & Decode, DTMF Encode, DTMF/5 Tone ANI, Emergency Call, 8 Character (14 Segment) Alphanumeric LCD Display, 8 Programmable Keys (Channel UP/Down, Priority Channel, Priority Re-write, Bank, Scan Start/Stop, Scan Tag, Lock, Monitor, Wide/Narrow Bandwidth, High/Low Power Level, Talk Around, Call 2/5 Tone, Tx Code 2/5 Tone Selection, Emergency Call, DTMF, Multiple Tone, User Set Mode, Scrambler, Compander for Narrow Band), Over the Air Stun/Kill, BIIS Digital Signalling/Messaging, Time Out Timer, Transmit Inhibit, Busy Channel Lockout, Power Save Function, Includes Antenna, 2 BP-232 2000Mah Li-Ion Batteries, 1 BC-160 Rapid Charger (specify voltage requirements), MB-94 Spring Loaded Belt Clip, Klein S6 Commander headset, Nylon case, Programming and owners manual. List Price $2960.00. Dimensions 2 3/32(W) x 4 23/32(H) x 1 9/32(D) in. 10.6 Ounces.

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BC16001 Icom , BC-160 01 117V Rapid Rate Charger for F14/14S, F21/21S, F33GS/GT, F43GS/GT. Price: $57.80
List: $68.00
BC16002 Icom , BC-160 02, 220V Rapid Rate Charger for F14/14S, F21/21S, F33GS/GT, F43GS/GT. Price: $59.50
List: $70.00
BEEF33GSMBBLACK Icom BEE F33GS MB Black, Nylon carrying case, Black, for F43GS 86, List $59.00 Price: $53.10
BEEF33GSMBGREEN Icom BEE F33GS MB GREEN, Nylon carrying case, Green, for F43GS 86, List $59.00 Price: $53.10
BEEF33GSMBTAN Icom BEE F33GS MB TAN, Nylon carrying case, Tan, for F43GS 86, List $59.00 Price: $53.10
CP17L Icom CP-17L, Cigarette Lighter Plug-In Cord for BC119N Charger Base Price: $25.50
List: $30.00
CSF33G Icom Programming Windows Software for IC-F33GS, IC-F33GT, IC-F43GS, IC-F43GT Price: $72.00
FASC03U Icom FASC03U, Flexible antenna, 380-430 MHz, for F43GS 86 Price: $12.00
BP240 Icom IC-F14, IC-F24, IC-F33, IC-F43, IC-F3161, IC-F3021, IC-F4021, IC-F4161 Alkaline Battery Holder Price: $29.75
List: $34.00
BP231 Icom IC-F14/F14S, F24/24S, IC-F33GS/GT, IC-F43GS/GT, Li-Ion Price: $38.25
BC121NAD106 Icom IC-F33GS/GT, IC-F43GS/GT, 6 Unit Li-ion Gang Charger Price: $478.55
List: $563.00
MB94 Icom MB-94 Alligator belt clip for F14/14S, F24/F24S, IC-F33GS/GT, IC-F43GS/GT Price: $10.50
MilitaryPrgKitF43GS Icom Military Bundle Programming Kit-F43GS, Used to program IC-F43GS 86 radios with DES Encryption Price: $1,435.00
OPC478 Icom OPC-478, Programming Cloning Cable for PC to Radio (use with OPC-592) Price: $60.00
OPC478UC Icom OPC-478UC, USB Programming cable for PC to Radio. Price: $70.00
KLEINS6 KLEIN S6, Commander headset with single speaker, in-pine PTT, List $370 Price: $333.00
V1T12CS137 Otto V1-T12CS137, Throat Mic with acoustic tube & 80mm PTT Price: $400.50