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SCA Sceptar 2, UHF, 2 Frequency Tone & Voice. List Price $446.00
SCA Sceptar 2, UHF, 2 Frequency Tone & Voice.  List Price $446.00 Quantity in Basket: None
Code: SPAV02A
Price: $334.50
Shipping Weight: 6.00 pounds
Add Fixed Alert:
Add Vibrate Alert:
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Add Earphone Jack:
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Add CTCSS Decode:
SCA Sceptar 2 - SP-AV02A (CUS10000-Y-C), Two Synthesized Frequencies, UHF Range 443 - 473 Mhz (Choose M 443-453 Mhz, H 453-463 Mhz or HH 463-473 Mhz). Specify Wide or Narrow Channel Spacing. Includes MONITOR feature that allows the user to listen in on other pages transmitted on the same channel. This enables awareness of situations involving other people or departments in order to be prepared to assist if necessary. This feature also allows supervisory personnel to monitor all calls transmitted, whether pages or two way radio conversations. Should monitoring all traffic not be desired, the convenient "Reset/M" switch makes it possible to receive only those calls directed to a specific pager. FIXED ALERT, the volume control may adjust either voice and alert tone or voice only. In the latter case, the alert tone remains at full volume regardless of the volume control setting. AUTO RESET can be programmed to automatically reset, leaving the hands free for other tasks. Two types of Auto Reset are available: after a predetermined amount of time or at the time the dispatcher discontinues transmitting. MULTIPLE ADDRESSES allows the use of up to two individual addresses and two multiple group calls. Each address and group call can be programmed with an independent alert cycle, notifying the user which type of call to expect. TWO CHANNELS can be programmed to receive a second channel, making it possible to alternate between channels when moving from one area to another. The second channel can also be useful as an “on the scene” channel. Each channel can be programmed individually, making it possible to operate the Sceptar in two entirely different paging systems simultaneously. With Sceptar there is no longer any need to carry two pagers, one can do the job. SCANNING can be programmed to automatically monitor traffic on both channels with priority given to pages directed to the specific pager. Priority channel is determined by the channel select switch. ADJUSTABLE ALERT CYCLES Incorporates an internal tone generator for loud and clear alert tones unaffected by signal noise conditions. Allows the interrupted alert cycles and the solid group cycles to be changed per A, B, C, group, and channel combinations. VISUAL ALERT Provides a flashing red L.E.D. when a page is received. VCO UNLOCK ALARM Emits a slowed high, low interrupted tone when the pager is first turned on. LOW BATTERY ALARM Provides a continuous audible alert tone when the pager is first turned on or when a page is received. The alert is controlled by the battery voltage and will activate when the voltage has dropped below 1. 1 Volt. The alert tone can be disabled. BATTERY SAVE Provides a "sleep" type operation for the pager and thereby allowing for an increased battery life. HIGH PASS FILTER Implements an audio filter to eliminate CTCSS tones (67.0-199.5 Hz) from being amplified by the audio circuitry. LOCKING BATTERY COVER Provides a lock to prevent the loss or ejection of the battery if inadvertently dropped. REMOVABLE BELT CLIP Designed to provide quick and easy detachment or replacement by a one-touch motion. FIELD PROGRAMMABLE Channel frequency, decode format, and all related parameters are fully programmable using the TVP programming kit with a DOS based IBM compatible PC. CHARGING PROTECTION CIRCUIT Has provisions to eliminate the possibility of charging any other battery except NiCd and NiMH rechargeable batteries. SINGLE BATTERY OPERATION Operates on a single "AA" NiMH. An Alkaline or a Mercury battery can also operate the pager if desired. SINGLE UNIT RAPID CHARGER The charger is equipped to charge one battery, installed in the pager, as well as spare battery. The Sceptar will continue to receive pages while the battery is charging, so long as the power switch remains on. The second battery can be charged while the installed battery is charging or alone. The charger is equipped with a charging indicator. Includes CP50007 2.4V AA NiMH Battery, CP50001 Single Unit Charger, Belt Clip, Two Year Parts & Labor Warranty. List $446.00

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